It was a meeting with four professors from the Marquette University School of Dentistry. The discussion was oral hygiene. All agreed oral hygiene was well addressed with the exception of the interproximal regions of the teeth where the only real solution to date was string floss. All also agreed if given choice between flossing or brushing, flossing was the preferred selection. The discussion concluded with a floss summary where a device was desired with a more effective floss facilitating easier use, more coverage, enhanced plaque and tartar removal, and if possible transport essential oils and antimicrobials to the interproximal regions of the teeth.

Discussion was exacerbated in conversations with all four branches of the US Military. The Director of Oral Hygiene for the Marine Special Forces Division really capped the conversations when he described covert missions lasting often more than six weeks with oral hygiene or lack thereof being a major problem. Minor infections are exacerbating into serious gingivitis and periodontitis causing personnel such distraction they are rendered almost useless. It's a problem causing double digit personnel losses in combat and training conditions  He went on to say our treated floss system could significantly become a major solution in reducing the problem. All branches of the military stated they would help specifying our floss system for use in the Life Pack at their commissaries and also in the MREs.  


Waterstone Thermoplastics engineered and developed an innovation in flossing with RxFLOSS XT and RXFLOSS. Extensive help from the Marquette University School of Dentistry, many in the dental profession and all the branches of the US military combined innovation, with technologies, multiple developments and testing culminated in our floss system. It simplifies and improves the total floss experience.

Two iterations RxFLOSS XT and RxFLOSS are available. Both can transport treatments to the interproximal regions using the following methods.

RxFLOSS is infused with essential oil and antimicrobials. While flossing it surface treats the soft tissue and teeth on contact. The floss probe is infused with an excess of 15% of fluid by content and creates efficacy. Reference Exhibit 1.

RxFLOSS has a textured or EDM surface. Compared to a highly polished surface, the texture or EDM fabrication creates a cratered surface. Tests confirmed the modified surface allows the dipping and transporting more than ten times the amount of fluid compared to a highly polished surface. The amount of fluid transported is enough to create efficacy. Whether Listerine, Chlorhexidene or any other desired medium is desired for oral hygiene enhancement it can be effectively transported. Reference Exhibits 2 and 3. Exhibit 2 is the RxFLOSS probe dipped in a fluorescene solution and flossing.  Exhibit 3 is a magnified picture of the cratered surface of the RxFLOSS probe.

The textured/EDM surface also improves the cleaning of the soft tissue and mechanically improves removing plaque and tartar while flossing.

Ergonomics are essential to assure total contact with the soft tissue and teeth. Orientation is important to optimize performance. A large handle facilitates use but also identifies orientation. The crown of the handle faces the crown of the tooth as exhibited in the instructions. The shape of the probe has no sharp corners. The shape is constantly changing to compensate for the space between the teeth. The dynamic shape creates a condition where contact of the full soft tissue surface is maintained and the sides of the teeth are contacted wile optimizing removal of diseased tissue plus plaque and tartar from the teeth. Full interproximal cleaning is complete.  Reference Exhibit 4.

The RxFLOSS system is a device capable of physically removing diseased tissue and debris from the entire interproximal region regardless of shape. It pushes out and scrapes. While in the forward position lifting toward the crown of the teeth completes the floss function. It also works very effectively for those with appliances on their teeth.

The RxFLOSS probes are fabricated with a very durable resin. It is designed to flex and form to the shape of the area probed. One can floss while using the RxFLOSS as a safer and more effective toothpick. Requiring only one hand not only simplifies use but allows freedom to floss or pick wherever a person desires.  



RxFLOSS Efficacy Study



RxFLOSS XT individually packaged pieces:

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